Gerard Lampow

Gerard Lampow grew up in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. He has joined Newcap by way of Calgary.

His background in media over the last twenty years includes work in both radio and television as a reporter, disc jockey, radio and television presenter/producer and late night news anchor, which is his present portfolio at Newcap, as well as the weather anchor at 5 and 6pm.

Gerard studied at the University of the West Indies in both Jamaica and Trinidad and graduated with a Bachelor’s with courses in International Politics, Theatre and Women’s Studies.

Coming from the Caribbean he loves the outdoors and swimming so you will find him in his spare time at the Bud Miller Leisure Centre….in the pool..where else!!

He has already admitted to enjoying the Border City and looks forward to meeting people as he remains personable in all his dealings.

Gerard is passionate about the gift of life and eagerly looks forward to new challenges and new experiences. He has a warmth and sense of humour that keeps him going in the midst of the curve balls that sometimes come his way. Above all else he has a faith base which lends to a calming yet solid presence which has been tested many times in his career.

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